exhibiting at eggspace

i want to exhibit at the egg. what should i do?

if you would like to take part in an exhibition you will need to send us an email with images of your work and some details about yourself such as your name, email address & phone number as well as your website if you have one. please be patient we have a lot of enquiries and a growing waiting list of artists for shows at the moment. feel free to remind us if you do not hear back straight away!

please read the disclaimer at the end of the page before applying to exhibit - BY TAKING PART IN AN EXHIBITION YOU WILL AUTOMATICALLY BE AGREEING TO THE TERMS.

before applying to exhibit, please note: the space is a cafe as well as a gallery space.

here are a few images of the space from previous exhibitions.



here is floor plan of the available wall space so you can plan how much work will fit into your exhibition. generally we are accepting solo or existing group / collective exhibitions that will last approximately 6 weeks.

occasionally we will provide the opportunity to submit artwork for open group exhibitions. please join our mailing list to be kept informed of such opportunities!



You (the artist) hereby agree to the following:

  1. 1.HeadSpace or EggSpace are not responsible for any stolen or damaged work. It is up to you as the artist to make insurance arrangements for your work if you wish to. We also strongly recommend you protect your work with bubble wrap or some form of protective material.

  2. 2.All sales / commissions generated as part of the exhibition you have with us will be subject to 40% commission charge.

  3. 3.All artwork needs to be wall mountable, framed & ready for hanging with mirror plates attached (preferably painted white). WE DO NOT ACCEPT WORK IN CLIP FRAMES!

  4. 4.Work needs to be labeled with your name, which way up it goes & the title of the piece of work on the back or with the information on a piece of paper attached with string to the work. This is mainly to ensure can hang it correctly.

  5. 5.You will need to ensure your work arrives on the on the date(s) specified by HeadSpace.

  6. 6.You must collect any unsold work after the exhibition has finished, on the date(s) specified by HeadSpace. If you wish for your work to be returned by post you must provide the postage charges.